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A Dedicated EMS Leader , Educator and  Advocate  

Nancy Magee

Nancy Magee has been involved in EMS for more than 20 years as a volunteer EMT, and on the career side as an AEMT, educator, FTO,  scheduling and personell​ manager and  Director of Marketing and Client Relations for an EMS Management Service Organization serving volunteer EMS agencies in Connecticut. 

She combines a business woman’s perspective on marketing, efficiency and customer service with an EMS volunteer’s heart. Nancy now resides in Louisiana  where she teaches initial and education for EMRs, & EMTs, and continuing education to all provider levels. She is a frequent presenter at conferences nationwide with a focus on clinical excellence and confidence building for volunteer and low volume BLS providers. 

She is also a frequent podcast guest, and contributor for,  and offers her Volunteer Survival Series workshops and consulting services to agencies across the country. 

Click Here to See Her Column on EMS1 

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